Ever since she was a child, Cassandra has been fascinated by astrology. Since beginning her practice
in 2006, she has helped numerous individuals, couples, families and businesses lead happier and
more fulfilling lives.

Astrology has guided Cassandra’s clients in making important life choices, fall in love, conceive
children, buy and sell property, tap into a forgotten gift or talent, have the courage to step away
from a bad situation, manage or minimise turbulent times, improve their health and reveal their

Cassandra brings the ancient wisdom of astrology and applies it to modern life. Her aim is to make
astrology accessible, available and easy to understand and apply to your life. Known for her passion,
honesty and insight, Cassandra has lectured for the New South Wales and Queensland Astrology
Associations. In May 2018, she is travelling to Chicago, USA to speak at the United Astrology
Conference, the largest gathering of astrologers in the world!

Cassandra is available for consultations every Thursday from 10am

Birth Chart Consultation 1.5 hours $190

Year Ahead Update 1 hour $140

*Paid upon booking as prior preparation is required

A Quick Consult 30 mins $65
*No prior preparation is required

For bookings please contact Salt & Soul on (07) 5546 0055 Wednesday to Saturday.

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