Shar – Energy healing and Massage- Astrology- Tarot and Tea leaf Reading

Whatever service you feel drawn to experience with Shar her primary goal is to connect you with your higher self and deliver divine messages from your guides and higher beings of the light.

Shar is a natural born Psychic Empath that uses this gift to communicate with your Higher self and Guides through feelings and visions, she was shown the art of Tea Leaf Reading as a child and was drawn to learn Tarot in her late Teens. Shar is a Certified Reiki Master but her healings have evolved far from Reiki, spirit moves through Shar and guides each and every healing in a very individual way. Shar is drawn to use many tools during Healing sessions, Crystals, Oils and sound of crystal singing bowl to name a few.

Astrology has been a life long passion and the learning of this art of reading the stars will be constantly evolving, after Many Years following Western Tropical Astrology Shar is now using sidereal astrology, the difference between the two are that tropical astrology is based on the seasons on the earth and sidereal is based on real time where the planets are situated in our nights sky. So, you may be surprised to find where the Sun, Moon and Planets were actually sitting at the moment of your birth.

Shar is also an Aromatherapist and offers an amazing Aromatherapy Chakra massage which uses aromatherapy oils blended by Shar specific for each Chakra. Each oil is infused with crystals, herbs and reiki energy which will work to cleanse and balance your chakra, whilst you receive a full body relaxation massage.

A Tea Leaf with Shar is a short reading of the tea leaves focusing on the next twelve months. Choose from 5 different blends of tea and sip away leaving a small amount liquid. Shar will then read the Tea Leaves and you will be amazed by the results. You either have just a tea leaf or it is the perfect add on to your Massage or Psychic Energy Healing.

Shar offers Intuitive Tarot Readings, the pictures in the cards come to life showing the guidance that you need whilst the space is being open for spirit to deliver and guide through energy. Shar hopes to bring clarity, guidance, direction and peace through her readings.

You will leave Shar Feeling uplifted, clear and refreshed, her hope is that you will remain in your heart space long after your appointment and feel more joy and connection in life.

Services Shar offers

Tea Leaf reading – Intuitive Tarot Readings – Sidereal Astrology Readings –
Psychic Energy Healings – Aromatherapy Chakra Massage

Shar is available every Friday from 10am

Shar Charges by Time with her, not by each service, so you can mix and match your appointment time with any of the services she offers.

15min- $40 30min- $70 1hr- $90 1hr30min- $120 2hr- $170

For bookings please contact Salt & Soul on (07) 5546 0055 Thursday to Saturday or email us at 

Tanya – Numerology & Psycho-Spiritual Counselling

Tanya Scott is a psycho-spiritual counsellor and self taught numerologist.  She holds a Diploma in Welfare and Community Services, a Bachelor of Science Applied Psychology and a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy. In her 20s and 30s in her early career she worked as a youth counsellor in a variety of non government services in South East Queensland alongside developing her psycho-spiritual counselling practice over the past 10 years delivering these modalities along with hypnosis as well as, lives between lives sessions when requested by clients.

Her deep calling is to inspire others to dig deep and unearth their soul gifts and passion and overcome earthly challenges so that clients can be living their best life and striving for their divine purpose. Her gift is in assisting them with fulfilling this. She does this best through connecting with the divine offer psycho spiritual counselling and numerology readings which allows her to tap into the energetic field we all connected into.

Psycho-Spiritual Counselling

Tanya specialises in psycho-spiritual counselling with the soul taking centre stage to assist people with healing from existential crises, if they are feeling lost in their lives and are experiencing repetitive unhealthy patterns including addiction issues. She asks the client the fundamental question of “Why are we here? ” What is our soul purpose?” “What do we need to learn on the earth plane to heal our soul and become whole?” She determines which of the 12 soul lessons you are working on in this lifetime and then assists you in unpacking the hidden unconscious issues that relate/determine the source of these issues.  She does this by exploring ancestral patterns including family of origin, current and ex-partners and children, friends and colleagues and unhealthy behaviour patterns that continue to reoccur in your life.  Other challenges may also surface in this exploration and most clients find they are all inter-related and at some stage in the journey they have that aha moment and everything makes sense and drops into place.

Taking the view of the soul as the driver and not the mind or the ego gives clients great relief to understand what they are learning on a soul level, why they chose their family members and identify their soul strengths and gifts and even unearth their soul pod family and identify the roles they are playing in their current life. The soul is always calling forth it’s next experience to assist you to heal and feel whole. Once you become aware of what is impacting or even impeding your life you can not only move forward to achieve your heart’s desire you will experience more peace and contentment in knowing the soul is eternal and there is plenty of time for you to heal and fulfil your soul mission on earth. We experience more love as well! And ongoing drama from the past that has followed us around disappears permanently! If this interests you please book a session and I’ll see you soon.

 Numerology Reading

Tanya has been practicing the art of Numerology for over 25 years now.  She specialises in constructing an individual’s Numerology Chart based on your date of birth and either your full name or the current name you are known by. Numerology is an ancient art developed hundreds of years ago. Tanya predominantly uses the Pythagorean numerology system which is based on the Gregorian calendar. It’s purpose is to provide you with a roadmap of your life and understand the four nine year cycles through the use of numbers which outlines your soul purpose and how to achieve this. You will also learn about your soul gifts and challenges and understand the Personal Year in the current 9 year cycle that you are in.

Tanya constructs your Numerology chart by hand and as she prepares this she receives divine messages that specifically relate to your soul journey through automatic writing, sayings she is given, music she hears played, words spoken to her from spirit and her acute intuition. She picks up on your soul gifts and your potential as well as your challenges.  She feels the 9 numbers like one hears musical notes, and at times even sees them as individual colours like the full spectrum of a rainbow. The Numerology chart tells a story over a 36 year period and as she is relaying this you can interact and ask questions along the way whilst recording the session on your phone so you can re-listen to this at any time you desire.

If this interests you and you would like to order your Numerology Chart then have a reading by appointment either face to face or via Teams or Zoom please contact Salt and Soul and provide your date of birth, full name and/or your current name.

Tanya is available Saturday from 9am 

Psycho-spiritual Counselling session is $120 –  1 – 1.5 hours

Construction of a Numerology Chart with a reading is $135.00 – 1 – 1.5 hours (Must be prepaid as a lot of work happens before the appointment)

For bookings please contact Salt & Soul on (07) 5546 0055 Thursday to Saturday.