Shar – Energy healing and Massage – Astrology- Tarot and Tea leaf Reading

Whatever service you feel drawn to experience with Shar her primary goal is to connect you with your higher self and deliver divine messages from your guides and higher beings of the light.

We all have the ability to connect into this guidance and feel more joy and peace in our lives, Shar will help to awaken your own abilities and natural connection. YOU are the healer and the mystic, maybe you just need a little help to remember. Shar will be your support and guide in this process, but only you have the power to open the door of your unlimited potential to heal your body mind and soul and regain the flow of universal love and connection.

Shar is a natural born empathic clairvoyant that uses this gift to communicate with your Higher self and Guides through feelings and visions, she was shown the art of Tea Leaf Reading as a child and was drawn to learn Tarot in her late Teens. Although Shar was trained in Reiki to become a Reiki Master more than a decade ago, she has somehow always had the ability to connect to this healing energy and her methods of energy healing have now become her own without the need of Reiki symbols.

Shar is drawn to use many tools during Healing sessions, Crystals, Oils and sound to name a few.Astrology is a life long passion and the learning of this art of reading the stars will be constantly evolving, as Shar also has an interest in Astronomy her astrology is based in real time, where the planets are actually placed in our sky and not on a tropical astrology chart that has lost its alignment with the actual planets placements in zodiac signs, this may affect what you believe your sun, moon and ascendant to be, but you can discover a deeper truth and understanding within yourself.

Shar is available every Thursday & Friday from 10am


  • Tea leaf reading  – duration 15 min  –   $ 35
  • Tarot Reading  – duration  –  30 min  $ 70    or    1 Hr  $110
  • Tarot and Tea Leaf  – duration – 1 hr  $110
  • Astrology session – duration – 1 hr  $110
  • Astrology and Tarot – duration –  1 ½ hr –  $130
  • Chakra Balance duration –  45min – $80
  • Energy Healing – duration – 1hr – $90
  • Energy Healing with Massage – duration -1 ½  – $120
  • Energy healing with Astrology – duration – 1 ½ hr – $120
  • Intuitive Healing Massage – duration – 30minutes – $60
  • Intuitive Healing Massage – duration – 1hr – $90

For bookings please contact Salt & Soul on (07) 5546 0055 during trading hours.