Massage Therapist

Anna – Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist, Emotion Code Practitioner

Anna – Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist, Emotion Code Practitioner

Anna lives in Tamborine Village with her partner, 4 horses and 2 cats and is a life long learner, animal lover and naturalist.

It is her mission to bring more peace into peoples lives through her sessions and it is her passion to help others break free from the emotions that are keeping them trapped and stuck. Anna wants everyone to know that it is completely possible to transform their lives.

Anna is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Emotion code practitioner, massage therapist and Bush flower essence practitioner. Anna brings with her several different healing modalities to help you or your loved ones.

Commit to you and see how the effects of your healing change your life and the world around you.

Anna offers Hypnotherapy allowing you to transform your life by healing your past. Clear negative emotions, limiting beliefs and release yourself from the baggage of the past allowing you to live a happy and purposeful life.

Hypnotherapy, contrary to common misconception, is a guided therapy where you are in a deep state of relaxation but fully conscious. You are in control of the sessions and Anna is there as a guide. In this relaxed state Anna will help you tap into the subconscious mind, where all your memories and limiting beliefs are stored and release emotions and old programming that is holding you back in life.

In a session Anna will take you back through your memory to past events in this lifetime that have caused emotional stress to become locked in the body. She will then help you release, heal and reframe the experience, freeing the emotions from your body and gaining insights and understanding.

Anna offers Hypnotherapy which can help with anxiety, panic attacks, self sabotaging behaviours, fears and phobias, self esteem and confidence as well as weight loss and stop smoking. This will require a 3 session package

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss – Behind weight gain there is usually an emotion. So many of us emotional eat when we are stressed or upset, or use food as a reward. Quite often it can be an issue with low self esteem or using weight as an energetic protection. In a weight loss sessions with Anna, she helps get to the reason for the overeating and heal it for good so you are able to lose weight and keep it off for good and bring in a new perspective and healthy changes. This will also radiate out into every other area of your life making you feel more confident and have a new joy for life.

Hypnotherapy to Stop smoking – Have you tried to stop smoking only to go back as soon as you get stressed or life gets challenging? Are you starting to worry about the effects smoking is having on your health and life? If you are ready to quit for good Anna can help you. In these sessions Anna helps you communicate with the subconscious mind to reprogram your habits and thoughts about smoking. Anna will also look at the emotions that make you want to smoke such as anxiety and heal it at the root cause. If you are ready to break free from smoking and improve your health Anna will help you become a non-smoker rather than an ex-smoker.
Please be aware that these sessions are for people who really want to quit smoking. It is not for you if you think you “should” give up smoking but deep down don’t really want to quit or still enjoy smoking.

Therapeutic Massage
Anna is a trained Massage Therapist and offers Therapeutic Massage, her treatments are a combination of relaxation and remedial massage with the aim of relaxing all the tension from your mind and body as well as working through any tight spots you may be experiencing. This will leave you feeling so much lighter, calmer and pain free.

Massage has many health benefits as it improves circulation, boosts your immune system, lowers blood pressure, lowers stress hormones, soothes anxiety and depression and of course reduces muscle pain.

Hot Stone Massage using Crystal Hot Stones
This relaxing and therapeutic treatment combines massage, hot stones and crystals to produce a deeply healing effect both energetically and physically. The stones are all purpose made for hot stone massage and each one has a different vibration and healing effect. They are amethyst, lapis lazuli, clear quartz, tigers iron, tigers eye, carnelian, citrine, jade, lepidolite and rose quartz. An absolutely devine massage.

Mind Body Healing – Emotion Code and Massage
Do you find the same aches and pains or problems keep showing up in your body no matter how many times you have treatments? Our suppressed emotions, if not released, can manifest in the body as pain, tension and even disease. In this treatment we find the emotions at the core of the pain with the Emotion Code and release them from the body. This is followed by massage to treat the pain on the physical level.

The Emotion code – The Emotion Code uses muscle testing (like kinesiology) to tap into the subconscious and find and release trapped emotions from the past. This is a very simple and non invasive method.

Soul Healing Journeys
Are you ready to make some really big changes to your life? Do you want to break free of emotions and beliefs that are holding you back from happiness and peace? You have the power within and with Anna’s help you can achieve the change you are wanting.

Anna will tailor these journeys to your needs and include:
– Hypnotherapy
– Emotion code
– Massage/hot stone massage
– Bush Flower essences

Bush Flower Essences
Australian Bush Flower essences are vibrational essences that work on the subtle energy field of the body, clearing the emotional, mental and spiritual conditions we hold onto. They help shift negative emotions and thought patterns bringing about harmony and balance.

Anna is available Thursday & Friday from 10am and Saturdays from 9am 

Hypnotherapy – can be done in person and via zoom

  • Hypnotherapy Initial Session – $200
  • Hypnotherapy Subsequent Session – $150
  • Bush flower essences – $20
  • Therapeutic Massage – 1 hour $88 or 90 minutes – $122
  • Hot Stone with Crystals – 1 hour $88 or 90 minutes – $122
  • Mind Body Healing – 90 minutes – $122

Soul Healing Journeys

  • 4 week journey – 1 session per week for 4 weeks – $444
  • 8 week journey – 1 session per week for 8 weeks – $888

For bookings please contact Salt & Soul on (07) 5546 0055 Thursday to Saturday or email us at 

Shar – Energy healing and Massage- Astrology- Tarot and Tea leaf Reading

Whatever service you feel drawn to experience with Shar her primary goal is to connect you with your higher self and deliver divine messages from your guides and higher beings of the light.

Shar is a natural born Psychic Empath that uses this gift to communicate with your Higher self and Guides through feelings and visions, she was shown the art of Tea Leaf Reading as a child and was drawn to learn Tarot in her late Teens. Shar is a Certified Reiki Master but her healings have evolved far from Reiki, spirit moves through Shar and guides each and every healing in a very individual way. Shar is drawn to use many tools during Healing sessions, Crystals, Oils and sound of crystal singing bowl to name a few.

Astrology has been a life long passion and the learning of this art of reading the stars will be constantly evolving, after Many Years following Western Tropical Astrology Shar is now using sidereal astrology, the difference between the two are that tropical astrology is based on the seasons on the earth and sidereal is based on real time where the planets are situated in our nights sky. So, you may be surprised to find where the Sun, Moon and Planets were actually sitting at the moment of your birth.

Shar is also an Aromatherapist and offers an amazing Aromatherapy Chakra massage which uses aromatherapy oils blended by Shar specific for each Chakra. Each oil is infused with crystals, herbs and reiki energy which will work to cleanse and balance your chakra, whilst you receive a full body relaxation massage.

A Tea Leaf with Shar is a short reading of the tea leaves focusing on the next twelve months. Choose from 5 different blends of tea and sip away leaving a small amount liquid. Shar will then read the Tea Leaves and you will be amazed by the results. You either have just a tea leaf or it is the perfect add on to your Massage or Psychic Energy Healing.

Shar offers Intuitive Tarot Readings, the pictures in the cards come to life showing the guidance that you need whilst the space is being open for spirit to deliver and guide through energy. Shar hopes to bring clarity, guidance, direction and peace through her readings.

You will leave Shar Feeling uplifted, clear and refreshed, her hope is that you will remain in your heart space long after your appointment and feel more joy and connection in life

Services Shar offers
Tea Leaf reading – Intuitive Tarot Readings – Sidereal Astrology Readings –
Psychic Energy Healings – Aromatherapy Chakra Massage

Shar is available every Friday from 10am

Shar Charges by Time with her, not by each service, so you can mix and match your appointment time with any of the services she offers.

15min- $40 30min- $70 1hr- $90 1hr30min- $120 2hr- $170

For bookings please contact Salt & Soul on (07) 5546 0055 Thursday to Saturday or email us at 

Belle – SHAMANIC Healer/Reader

A session with Belle, be it, a healing, a massage or a reading will leave you feeling like you have spent time with a special soul. Belle is more than just a healer, she has a beautiful energy and a magickal presence.

A Spirit Worker, weaving in and out of various realms, Belle loves anything Elven, Faery, Elemental, Galactic and Witchy. Making her a unique being, with a connection to both Earth and Stars.
Belle loves offering Shamanic Healing & Counselling her clients and is very passionate about this powerful, potent and transformative container of work. Belle’s Shamanic Healing Sessions can include techniques for the following:
– Clearing stuck energy from the body,
-Dissolving fear in the body
– Timeline trauma therapy (soul retrieval)
– Power animal and Totem animal retrieval
Shamanic Bodywork consisting of:
– Cord cutting
– Removing energy intrusions
– Soul contract clearing
– Removing magnetic imprinting
– Drum healing
For best results, it is recommended to work with Belle for 2 months, with a session each fortnight when undertaking a Shamanic Healing journey. You will see results, it just takes commitment and dedication. Belle has had some very powerful sessions with clients recently.
Belle also offers Guidance Readings Consisting of Tarot/Oracle, Tea Leaf, The Ogham (Celtic divination), as well as Nurturing Massage and Holistic Counselling.  
Belle is also a Tea Lover, and we have Belles beautiful Elemental Teas from Elementress Botanicals, here in store  that you will also get to sample if you have a reading with her!
  • Shamanic Healing & Counselling – 1 hour $110
  • Guidance Reading or Healing – 30 minutes $70
  • Nurturing Massage – 1 hour $110
  • Holistic Counselling – 1 hour $110 – must be booked in advance

For bookings please contact Salt & Soul on (07) 5546 0055 Thursday to Saturday or email us at 

Yvonne – Massage Therapist

Yvonne has been a Remedial Massage Therapist for over 20 years and has worked with many different practitioners at different locations over this time including Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and Naturopaths.

Yvonne also does Sports Massage and has treated many athletes including the Australian Olympic Rowing and Swimming teams as well as Iron man contestants. Yvonne has much experience with rye neck or torticollis and rotator cuff limitations, as well as lower back and knee treatments post or pre-surgery. She has also helped many pregnant ladies avoid swelling and uncomfortable feelings during their pregnancy.

Yvonne will ask about your pain and concerns, and then together with you, design your session or treatment plan to best meet your health and wellness requirements. Yvonne has qualifications in Reiki1 and Reiki11, Shiatsu acupressure massage as well as Lymphatic Drainage massage for all those people who would otherwise have to travel to the city for their Lymphatic needs.

Yvonne offers a wide variety of treatments to help meet your health requirements including:

*Remedial Massage                                                          

* Trigger Point Therapy

*Shiatsu Massage – acupressure                                  

* Swedish Massage

*Sports Massage                                                              

* Pregnancy Massage

*Deep Tissue Massage                                                  

* Cupping

* Lymphatic Draining

Yvonne is available for appointments on Thursday’s from 10am with health fund rebates available.

Remedial Massage             1hour – $88             1.5hours       $122

Lymphatic Draining           1 hour – $90

For bookings please contact Salt & Soul on (07) 5546 0055 Thursday to Saturday or email us at