Psychic Medium & Tarot

Jason – Psychic/Medium Reader and healer

Jason has been based on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane now for the past 25 years. Jason is
now one of Queensland’s top Psychic/Medium/Readers that is now venturing out
internationally with his unique style of Psychic & Tarot readings combining a fresh outlookof what’s on the other side.

Since Jason was 18 years old he noticed dreams and visions coming through to the point where he was able to warn a friend which led to this person still being alive today thanks to a premonition Jason had the night before. This was the turning point for Jason to take notice and put these messages into action.

Jason connects with spirit, communicating with your guides and channeling the Ascended and Angelic realms whilst keeping a down to earth approach. The clientele Jason has are from all walks of life where repeat business is an everyday occurrence due to his accuracy and connection where they all feel like they have gained insight to their future endeavours as well as the past and present situations.

Jason has a reassuring, gentle approach where you always feel safe and resonate with the messages and images that have that he has received. It’s a lovely talent that helps you to understand who in spirit is with you whether it be your guides, guardians, friends or family to help give you some peace of mind. Sometimes even the pets come through too.

Jason is available every Thursday & Friday from 10am

30-minute reading $70 1 hour reading $120

For bookings please contact Salt & Soul on (07) 5546 0055 Thursday to Saturday or email us at 

Witchymoon – Crystal Ball, Tea Leaf, Tarot Readings & Healings

Linda, also known as WITCHYMOON, is an Ancestral and Eclectic Earth loving Moon honouring Psychic Witch and she feels a strong connection to Magic, Mother Earth the Elements and Spirit.

Witchymoon is of Darug descendent and honours her Ancestors. She is a mother of 4 amazing daughters and a grandmother of 2 beautiful boys. She has called Tamborine home for 20 years and raised her family in this beautiful part of the world.

Witchymoon offers intuitive readings connecting to spirit guides in providing the answers you may seek, focusing on your readings and the journey you are on. She uses Sacred Tools to assist in her readings to guide you on your path and seeing what the spirit calls in.

Witchymoon offers Crystal Ball Readings, Tarot/Oracle cards Readings or Tea Leaf Readings.

During a reading, or a Healing, Witchymoon may also use Crystals, Pendulums or Runes to bring in the messages the spirits have for you.

At an early age Linda was connected to Mother Earth and source through hands on healing. She now offers Energy Healing through SHARMANIC REIKI to realign and attune, to shift your human consciousness into light and higher frequency. As part of her healings through Crystals she offers CHAKRA CRYSTAL Healings and Gridding by Balancing your 7 main Chakras to assist your Health, on a Physic, Mental and Emotional level and redirecting this energy to clear blockages.

During a Healing she utilise Meditation, Crystals, Aromatherapy Oils, Herb Smudging and Sound Vibration through Music, Bowls, Drums and Rattles.

She offers her clients a nurturing space, physically and emotionally, and encourages them to set goals and release past trauma, accepting the now to move forward with direction in their life. Her Goal is to guide you through readings and healings and inspire you to Live a life of Harmony and Love, to trust in yourself and connect to your Soul Vibration in this Universe.

Witchymoon is super excited to be joining the SALT & SOUL Team and being surrounded by the Magical Salt Cave and gifted Spiritual Healers and Readers. She is looking forward to being part of your journey where with her help you can Heal yourself and nurture the Earth.

Witchymoon is available Saturdays from 9am

  • 15-minutes reading $40
  • 30-minute reading
  • $70 1 hour reading $110
  • 1.5 Hour Session $150
  • Chakra Crystal Healing & Balance $80
  • Shamanic Reiki Healing $120

For bookings please contact Salt & Soul on (07) 5546 0055 Thursday to Saturday or email us at 

Belle – SHAMANIC Healer/Reader


A session with Belle, be it, a healing, a massage or a reading will leave you feeling like you have spent time with a special soul. Belle is more than just a healer, she has a beautiful energy and a magickal presence.
A Spirit Worker, weaving in and out of various realms, Belle loves anything Elven, Faery, Elemental, Galactic and Witchy. Making her a unique being, with a connection to both Earth and Stars.
Belle loves offering Shamanic Healing & Counselling her clients and is very passionate about this powerful, potent and transformative container of work. Belle’s Shamanic Healing Sessions can include techniques for the following:
– Clearing stuck energy from the body,
-Dissolving fear in the body
– Timeline trauma therapy (soul retrieval)
– Power animal and Totem animal retrieval
Shamanic Bodywork consisting of:
– Cord cutting
– Removing energy intrusions
– Soul contract clearing
– Removing magnetic imprinting
– Drum healing
For best results, it is recommended to work with Belle for 2 months, with a session each fortnight when undertaking a Shamanic Healing journey. You will see results, it just takes commitment and dedication. Belle has had some very powerful sessions with clients recently.
Belle also offers Guidance Readings Consisting of Tarot/Oracle, Tea Leaf, The Ogham (Celtic divination), as well as Nurturing Massage and Holistic Counselling.  
Belle is also a Tea Lover, and we have Belles beautiful Elemental Teas from Elementress Botanicals, here in store  that you will also get to sample if you have a reading with her!
  • Shamanic Healing & Counselling – 1 hour $110
  • Guidance Reading or Healing – 30 minutes $70
  • Nurturing Massage – 1 hour $110
  • Holistic Counselling – 1 hour $110 – must be booked in advance

For bookings please contact Salt & Soul on (07) 5546 0055 Thursday to Saturday or email us at 

Shar – Energy healing and Massage- Astrology- Tarot and Tea leaf Reading

Whatever service you feel drawn to experience with Shar her primary goal is to connect you with your higher self and deliver divine messages from your guides and higher beings of the light.

Shar is a natural born Psychic Empath that uses this gift to communicate with your Higher self and Guides through feelings and visions, she was shown the art of Tea Leaf Reading as a child and was drawn to learn Tarot in her late Teens. Shar is a Certified Reiki Master but her healings have evolved far from Reiki, spirit moves through Shar and guides each and every healing in a very individual way. Shar is drawn to use many tools during Healing sessions, Crystals, Oils and sound of crystal singing bowl to name a few.

Astrology has been a life long passion and the learning of this art of reading the stars will be constantly evolving, after Many Years following Western Tropical Astrology Shar is now using sidereal astrology, the difference between the two are that tropical astrology is based on the seasons on the earth and sidereal is based on real time where the planets are situated in our nights sky. So, you may be surprised to find where the Sun, Moon and Planets were actually sitting at the moment of your birth.

Shar is also an Aromatherapist and offers an amazing Aromatherapy Chakra massage which uses aromatherapy oils blended by Shar specific for each Chakra. Each oil is infused with crystals, herbs and reiki energy which will work to cleanse and balance your chakra, whilst you receive a full body relaxation massage.

A Tea Leaf with Shar is a short reading of the tea leaves focusing on the next twelve months. Choose from 5 different blends of tea and sip away leaving a small amount liquid. Shar will then read the Tea Leaves and you will be amazed by the results. You either have just a tea leaf or it is the perfect add on to your Massage or Psychic Energy Healing.

Shar offers Intuitive Tarot Readings, the pictures in the cards come to life showing the guidance that you need whilst the space is being open for spirit to deliver and guide through energy. Shar hopes to bring clarity, guidance, direction and peace through her readings.

You will leave Shar Feeling uplifted, clear and refreshed, her hope is that you will remain in your heart space long after your appointment and feel more joy and connection in life

Services Shar offers
Tea Leaf reading – Intuitive Tarot Readings – Sidereal Astrology Readings –
Psychic Energy Healings – Aromatherapy Chakra Massage

Shar is available every Friday from 10am

Shar Charges by Time with her, not by each service, so you can mix and match your appointment time with any of the services she offers.

15min- $40 30min- $70 1hr- $90 1hr30min- $120 2hr- $170

For bookings please contact Salt & Soul on (07) 5546 0055 Thursday to Saturday or email us at 

Tracey-Ann – Psychic, Arch Angel Tarot & Oracle Reader and Spiritual Counsellor

Tracey-Ann discovered her gift as a teenager, however did not put it into practice until seven years ago where she was based at what was then known as The Relaxation Centre on Gallery Walk, Tamborine Mountain. She then found herself working from Amethyst A New Earth, again on Gallery Walk, Tamborine Mountain, where she provided readings and intuitive counselling. Tracey-Ann was part of the Power of 3 with Jason and Shar for 2 years which brought in clientele from all around the world where she gained a return client base.

Tracey-Ann offers readings bringing together Arch Angel Tarot & Oracle cards, with an Angelic connection to your spirit guides, past loved ones and higher self, with this sharing your divine messages and guidance. Tracey-Ann offers both individual and couples readings.

Tracey-Ann also offers counselling. Tracey-Ann’s experiences guided her some years ago to a path of studying counselling, where she uses a strengths based, person centred approach. Depending on your situation and how you are feeling at the time Tracey-Ann also offers spiritual counselling or a more traditional counselling session.

Spiritual Counselling is combining her gift of Angelic connection and her tool of choice, that being reading cards to assist you in moving forward through your life challenges. Together using breathing techniques and meditation/stillness awareness, with the desired outcome in providing you confidence, inner balance and peace.

With traditional counselling Tracey-Ann loves to work with you, building on your strengths and has a passion in helping you to gain knowledge, skills and confidence with the challenging areas in your life.

Sometimes we all need a non-judgemental, safe space to find comfort in expressing our situations and circumstances. Tracey-Ann aims in providing this with all her clients.

Tracey-Ann is available Saturdays from 9am

    • 30-minute reading $70 – July special 30minute reading $40 
    • 1 hour reading $110

For bookings please contact Salt & Soul on (07) 5546 0055 Thursday to Saturday or email us at 

Kathy – Clairvoyant Medium and Healer

Kathy is a gifted psychic medium who has been working in this area for the last fifteen years. She aims to motivate you and to instil the courage within you to achieve all you want in your life.

Kathy believes each of us can be the best we can with healing and guidance.
Sometimes its just about having some understanding of how to put the pieces
back together, so we can work towards having some peace and contentment in our lives.

Kathy uses clairvoyance and mediumship in her readings, but she also
incorporates all her training in past life regression, healing techniques, and
counselling to help you to gain a sense of direction and clarity about events in
your life. With her vast experience she can help to guide you to access
pathways to your own empowerment so that you can make great life choices
moving forward.

In additions to being a Clairvoyant Medium Kathy has qualifications as a Pranic Healer, Reiki Master, BA Post Grad Cert Counselling, BA Education and B Photography. She is caring and also has a wild sense of humour and a loud laugh!

Kathy is available Saturday from 9am
30-minute reading $70 1 hour reading $110

For bookings please contact Salt & Soul on (07) 5546 0055 Thursday to Saturday or email us at