Salt Cave

Our Salt Cave is made completely of Salt. Salt is affixed to the walls and loose salt lines the floor. Our customers relax in comfortable chairs during our 45 minute sessions.

Our halo generator grinds salt into fine particles which are sent into the Salt Cave and absorbed through the skin or inhaled during regular breathing. During a Salt Cave session the bright lights are dimmed and Himalayan Salt Lamps glow, giving the cave a beautiful relaxing ambient glow.

Coffee Shop

Relax & Unwind while enjoying a cup of coffee. Catch up with a friend or just enjoy the beautiful view. We offer a full coffee shop menu, coffee, tea, latte, milkshakes and much more. We have the perfect light compliment of Byron Bay Cookies, Grannies Home Made Fudge or a locally baked muffin. We look forward to meeting you!


Did you know we offer a range of services including Psychic Medium, Naturopath, Massage Therapist, Energy Healing Services and Aura photos.


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